Flushable Bags

Individuals with Crohn’s disease often wear medical colostomy bags due to their inflammatory bowel condition. A colostomy creates a stoma or small hole in the abdomen where waste is transferred into a small plastic bag attached with tubing to the incision. Most individuals with colostomies prefer using flushable bags because it is easier to get rid of waste without getting an infection. Of course, flushing these plastic devices occasionally causes a difficult clog in plumbing fixtures such as toilets or drainage systems. Getting a clogged sewage drain or toilet fixed quickly at either a private residence or commercial property is necessary to prevent an inconvenience for homeowners or customers.

Modern Technology

Not every plumbing company understands how to recognize and repair a clog created by colostomy medical supplies. Morningside Plumbers is the plumbing Los Angeles expert company that medical facilities and homeowners call when flushable colostomy items buildup in exterior or interior water pipes or sewer lines. Using modern computer technology and video equipment is the most efficient way for technicians to determine what is causing a difficult clog. By using a portable camera, a technician can examine sewer lines and water pipes without removing bathroom fixtures or digging up landscaping.

Rooter Services

Old-fashioned toilets and drains located in retail establishments, restaurants and public buildings may not be able to handle medical waste such as flushable colostomy bags. While modern colostomy products are made to decompose in water quickly, sometimes this does not happen efficiently, leading to overflowing toilets and clogged drainage systems. Contacting a plumbing company with round-the-clock rooter or hydro jetting services means that drainage systems are repaired without tearing out walls or digging up yards. With the portable cameras and computer technology, a technician is able to determine exactly what a clog is composed of and where it is located.

Professional Treatment

Water blasting, high-pressure cleaning or hydro jetting is the most noninvasive way to have drainage systems and sewer lines repaired at commercial and residential properties. This modern plumbing technique can blast away a collection of built-up debris such as grease, tree roots and bathroom tissue that is preventing flushable colostomy bags from passing through pipes. Working with medical waste located in plumbing fixtures requires specialized skills to avoid contamination. At the same time, a plumber must remain tactful and understanding concerning the problems associated with flushing medical waste such as colostomy bags.

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