Basic Ostomy Care – I mention a lot of different products in this video so check it out!!

(Hollister New Image clear bags 18003, opaque bags 18113, mini clear 18293, opaque mini 18283, and opaque closed 18753 – Hollister wafers 14603 and convex 14803) PS: I should also note that a major product I left out by accident, because I don’t use it, is stoma paste. This paste (I used Hollister’s Adapt paste) can help seal your wafer on your stomach, help protect against leaks, and help your wafer last longer.


Vanilla Blush
Ostomy Lingerie!

“Vanilla Blush
I first heard about Vanilla Blush in the (Visit their site here) fall of 2011 shortly after I received my temporary ileostomy. I knew I’d be making the ostomy a permanent part of my life and I therefore was very interested in finding undergarments and lingerie that didn’t remind me of granny panties – stuff that I could see myself wearing and feeling good in around my fiancé. As I was surfing Facebook one day, I saw a link to Vanilla Blush’s page and immediately fell in love with their models and items. In their pictures were young women, just like me, with ostomies – and they were showing off attractive undies and camis!! Hot pinks, blues, lacy items – I loved all of it.

Fast forward a couple of months and I had made my ostomy permanent. After about six weeks of healing time, I felt ready to take a look at myself in my new VB lingerie that I’d recently received. You know that feeling you get when you try on a pair of jeans that make your butt look awesome? That giddy kind of sensation and you start thinking of yourself in different settings and feeling fabulous? That’s how I felt seeing myself in this lingerie – I could wear it at bed time to sleep in or for sexy time with my fiancé or even to just lounge around in. Regardless of what scenario I imagined, the lingerie fit in.
I’ve told so many people about Vanilla Blush that I figured I should just do an official review. If you’re an ostomate like me, even if you’re a temporary ostomate, I would strongly suggest you check out their stuff. Having undergarments and clothing that is made well and that fits well with your ostomy is priceless – not that cost is really an issue because I think VB’s prices are really reasonable – even with estimated shipping costs across the pond. I don’t think it’s a purchase you’ll regret!

PS: Can you tell that all of the models have ostomies?!”

The Great Bowel Movement

**UPDATE (3/23/12): The Great Bowel Movement now has ASK ME ABOUT MY OSTOMY hoodies and T-shirts! Here’s a pic of the shirt to give you an idea! I love it!

This non-profit group sales t-shirts and sweatshirts that aim to raise IBD awareness. If they get enough orders for their “Ask Me about My Colitis/Crohn’s” shirts, they’ll begin making “Ask Me about My Ostomy” shirts too!! Here are a few pics of my favorite shirt from them so far. It’s a size small and it’s perfect – not too big or bulky!!

Visit their website here:The Great Bowel Movement and get your own awesome gear!!!


This is my review of the Active-Life Stoma-Guard by STOMAPLEX. You can find out more about this product and about STOMAPLEX by visiting their website at STOMAPLEX.COM!


My review of TRIO Healthcare’s products!

5 Responses to Product Reviews

  1. Jen says:

    Hi Charis-
    I came across your site the other day. I am 5 weeks out from colo surgery. I am a “double bagger” as I’ve had a urostomy since 2007.
    Although I’ve known about ostomies for awhile, GI diversions are different and your site has been awesome. I hope that I’ll be able to wear one of the “ask me about my ostomy” sweatshirts one day. Even though it is new, the colo is already helping with chronic diahrrea and constipation.
    Do you know where to find samples of niltac or find it for a reasonable price. I’ve had no luck on ebay or amazon. Thanks again for sharing yourbstory.

  2. Cary says:

    Spray or wipes? Advantages to either over the other? Several x/wk . . . wow. How often do you change your appliance? Ever use Osto EZ-Vents? Would like to try them. Lotsa questions!

    • Charis says:

      I use the spray to take the wafers off. I like the wipes for removing excess adhesive residue. Since I started using the eakin barrier rings, I’m back to changing 5-6 days (well, that’s if things continue doing well like they have this week). I have some samples of the osto vents but haven’t tried them because I rarely have gas. I know Heidi uses them (or at least used to). You should write them and ask for a sample!

  3. Cary says:

    Thank you for the review, Charis. I’ve been using Niltac and Silesse for 3 weeks now after seeing your video. You definitely pointed me in the right direction–due to these TRIO products, I have my changes down to about 10 minutes, my skin is healthy again, and my appliances last a week. Truly appreciate all your help! Keep on keeping on . . .

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