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  1. Carolyn says:

    Love the website, I am so thankful you and Jackie have started this site. My 20 year old daughter had a complete colectomy three days ago. She was diagnosed with UC in July. She had 5 remicade infusions, steroid therapy and 6NP to no avail. Physically she is doing well however, emotionally she’s hitting the wall. Any ideas on how best I can support her through this difficult time.

  2. Carolyn Bringhurst says:

    Hello Charis,

    Love your website and love your u-tube explanation on all the products and the step by step process.

    I went in for a colonoscopy very randomly. I was leaving a job i had a the time in 2010 and my insurance was ending. so i thought i might as well get my mamogram and obgyn and colonoscopy out of the way. i was only 45. the reason i was able to have the colonoscopy is because my sister and i thought our dad had a cancerous polyp,but he didnt’. Anyways they found a polyp in my rectum and the doc said no biggie, didn’t look bad, well two days later it all came out, there was cancer in it. the whirlwind began. went to colon rectal surgeon they took the surrounding section out and said that i could have chemo and radiation, but it looked good they got it all, then i went every 3 months and my cea kept going up. finally after 3 cat scans and 3 pet scans and multiple flexsigs and mri finally in march of 2012 they found a nodule on my pelvic bone did a biopsy and it had cancer in it, then i had to have radiation and chemo. that was in May and now i have to have the colostomy bag in august. What i loved about your site was that your active, i’m extremely active, i go to the gym 5 days a week, with cardio and yoga and pilates and weight lifting classes. I am also a yoga and pilates instructor and it teach twice a week. Loved your u-tube video on all the products. I’m only 5 ft 2 and weigh about 114. I live by a lake and love to boat and tube. My rectum and anal have to be removed to make sure the doctor gets everything. My question to you is how is it working out and how long did it take for you to feel okay after the surgery. I was told i would be in the hospital up to 4 days. Hows the pain and how long before you can walk around and feel normal. Please email me, thank you so much.

  3. Renee says:

    Hi Charis,
    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website and blog. Your photos and blog have motivated me to start working out again with a trainer twice a week. It’s been nearly two years since I’ve really worked out, and it’s time since my recovery from my proctocolectomy/J Pouch creation is going quite well.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    • Charis says:

      That’s awesome! I’m so excited for you and your training! And I’m glad this site helped :) I wish the best – keep moving forward and accomplishing your goals, Renee. :)

    • says:

      Hi Charis…I’ve had U.C…for 8 yrs.. which is 2005…and in 2009.i was diagnosed with Crohns and type 2 diabetes..the same day..anyways, that not relevent..to the crohns..i t was on my moms birthday…august 7, 2009…i had issues.. for years.. with the vomiting…and diarhea…most of the time…i had been sick way before i was diagnosed…and had my gall bladder removed….thinking that woud help.. nope… 2 weeks..later.. i started vomiting again…..and sitting on the toilet…, some days.. i would sleep in the bathroom on the cold tile floor.. a fraid to not be near the toilet…i would vomit soo much.. id fill garbage pails…basins….i also developed Acid Reflux after my colitis…and i have acid erosion on my front top and bottom teeth.. cus of all the vomiting i did through the years…..i thought i was gonna die..cus.. i would end up in the hospital cus of dehydration….and put on steroids.. iu sed to cry after the first bout of steroids..cus of weight gain, and agression…i begged them not to put me on. but i was too sick t o not have it……so i would stay a couple days….. ive had many hospital stays because. of vomiting..before they diagnosed. me…
      Right now i am. in Remission from both.. although its a daily task to keep up with all my meds…and balancing act for all 3 diseases!….from taking 2 capsules a day, Bentyl 2 , Carafate 3 tablets…Morning, Eve, bed, with Prevacid in the morning…along with my Met formin. nd other meds….checking my numbers 5 times a day…by many pricks…eating 3 meals aday.. including snacks…people get mad cus i ask for No Lettuce on the sandwiches..and when they do put it on?….then i usually get a fight…either with restaraunt staff. or my mom and family.. ..their like pick it off.. im like.. really?>.. someone else could use that lettuce.. when ur wasting ur time puttin it on mine.. which i cant have..?…they dont understand…even the slightest bit of lettuce..i get sick…..or cabbage…so im fighting food wars…along with Keeping my sugar levels normal…..so eating is a battle for me. cus i’m damned if i do and damned if i dont..;(….but… i dont let alot of it bother me.. cus…some people are a bit…Reduntant?…and Ignorant?…more uneducated than anything… people are usually very nice and understanding about it… or they feel bad for me.. :( i m like dont be sorry.. nothing u can do…its just something some of us have to live with.a nd no theirs not cure…for either disease…….
      Someone once asked me…”how do u keep positive. with all the problems u have?.. im like… well.. i have to live with it…and …I cant sit at home whining about my problems…or why cant i eat like normal people”…all the time? Life is too short…educate people… and do what ya gotta doo!…there.. are people all of the world having worse problems then i am……and if im not vomiting..or in the bathroom with diarrhea…or having blood in my stools.. then im not concerned..God doesnt give us what we cant handle!”

  4. says:

    Hi Charis,(like your name!)

    Ive had ulcerative colitice for about 15 years now,and thought its about time to my colen out.my doctor said for me it would be better to get a permanant iliostomy,so on June 27!!!!!!! Im getting mine.I think I,ll be so glad,no more running into the corn and usind the bathroom! You have so much information and support that it makes ti easer to have it done.THANKS ALOT! Cindy

  5. Melissa Anderson says:

    LOVE your website!!! I had UC and ended up having a permanent ileostomy. It was not a hard decision, I had the surgery 11 years ago and got my life back! I volunteer my time speaking with other patients who are thinking about having surgery. Many women are shocked to find out that I wear a bag! I wear skinny jeans and fitted t-shirts but my secret is shimmer brand boy short underwear! I hated the top of my bag showing through my t shirts and I hated the thought of granny panties so the boy shorts were the perfect compromise! Thank you for your web site! And thank you for the link to the lingerie website!!!

  6. Charlotte Araki says:

    Is it my imagination or is there more good stuff in the UK then in the US? Really enjoy this site.

    I have four horses. The youngest one I was about to ride before I had my Ostomy. I’ve put it off but now that summer is on the way I have to ride that horse. He is my man. I’m just debating what kind of belt to get. I also lift a lot of heavy stuff like hay bales, etc. Oh yea and for all you kids I’m 70. Any recommends for a belt?

    They said, at the time of the operation, they could put it back after six months. Well, after six months I decided I didn’t want to pay the huge amount to have the reverse operation and lose more of the few braincells I have left, from the anesthetic. OK lets say it. I have visions of having the operation done, pay all the big bucks and drop dead at 71. I’m sure, for most of you on this list it is not a concern. Also if you are way out in a field with a horse and you have a sudden urge to go you don’t have to run for the house. Almost everything has a silver lining.

    Cheers, Charlotte

    • Charis says:

      Hi Charlotte ;) I am so jealous that you have 4 horses!! Did you find a belt? I apologize for not seeing your message sooner!

  7. says:

    I love everything you are doing!!!! I wanted to start a blog when I first got sick and didn’t . Finally go around to it. I really feel it’s important to chronicle our journeys. You are an amazing person to look up to and I admire how much you do to bring awareness and ‘normalcy” to what us IBD’ers go through! Cheers to you!!!

  8. Ron says:

    Hi Charis,

    Found your YouTube clips today and commend you for sharing. I’m a 2.5yr Ostomy after stage2 Colorectal cancer removal. I’m writing to you because you are so kind and giving and I wanted to give you some inputs that i hope move you to better health. I feel so sad for you and the trama you’ve gone thru ((((((hug)))))) :( .

    I’ve changed my diet to stay out of the Medical system as much as possible. My experience with this system and docs is that they really are not good at finding Core solutions and love to medicate and cut away. Just more money doing that than the less envasive alternative that cost us so much less.

    Anyway, you consume too much processed stuff. Check out the documentary ‘Forks over Knives’, please!

    Next, find medical docs like the ones you’ll see in this film and try to get off those meds as much as possible after you consult with true nutrition based doctors who know Meds don’t cure anything, proper nutrition does.

    Supplements: Goto BeyondHealth.com

    Sugar, coffee, honey …. nutritional value ‘Zero’, they harm you more than help.

    All the best,


    • Charis says:

      No need for sadness :) Everything has worked out for the better anyhow. So it’s been awhile since you left this comment and I missed it! In case you see this, just thought I’d let you know that aside from taking the occasional benadryl/allergy meds, my asthma inhalers, and my Nexium for my GERD (which is greatly helped by diet changes, so I hope to be off that soon too), I am off of all the other drugs. :) It’s rare that I have to take pain meds and my diet consists primarily of fresh fruit, veggies, and lean proteins – plus healthy fats like nuts. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel! I haven’t watched ‘Forks over Knives’ yet but I did just see it on my Netflix list, so it’s coming! Thank you for all the info!

  9. Betty Jones says:

    Hi Charis,

    My name is Betty Jones and I live in San Antonio TX. I am interested in what you said in your bio. I have a J Pouch and after 15 years and alot of strictures, I am facing a permanent ileostomy on March 15. I was attracted to your website because I love the gym!
    I was wondering if you had your J Pouch removed, because my doctor said he was just going to leave mine in. I’m confused about that. I am trying my best to be absolutely positive and focus on my future with a permanent ostomy. I plan on working out forever, and hopefully I will stay fit after my surgery and keep in touch.

    Thanks for the awesome website to keep me positive!

    Betty Jones

    • Charis says:

      Hi Betty – it’s been awhile since you posted your question – I hope you get my answer! My surgeon removed my j pouch because with it still left in, I could still have problems with it. We needed to also make sure that nothing was hooked to my butt, which was being a total jerk. ;) I hope you’re doing well?

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